Do you need a trust partner to buy in China?

It’s more than 10 years that EasyGoSmart started to provide solutions in order to buy any article from China. Do you need to locate a trust partner? We are here to listen about your needs.

Our CEO, Javier Gómez Pescuma, works actually with more than 500 trusted providers in China. Javier and his local team stablished in Shenzhen, visit each week new factories in order to find the newest products in order to import then for your. EasyGoSmart takes care about all the process until your products arrive to your local warehouse.

It’s very important to know that not always the cheapest provider is the best solution. You should to know that it’s very important not only a good price, a non-problem productions is better always.

Our portfolio has a lot of providers that can supply since a few pieces until a mass production with thousand units.

How does it works?

  • We take care about your needs.
  • Find the better provider solution and the best price for you with demo units to test it directly in your technical department.
  • Find the best way to import your products: by air, maritime or by railway depending product specifications al legal regulations.
  • Once you have selected which products you desire to import we send the orders to start the production.
  • During the production and before it goes out from factory, we perfom a full inspection to give it the final OK.
  • We will provide you during all the process information to know in wich statement is your production each time.